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Currently, the trading takes place on the exchange. ETH, BTC, Doge markets.

RusGas team express appreciation to the exchange for support.

  • New site - coming soon!

  • New team - coming soon!

  • New White Papper - coming soon!

  • Loyalty Bonuses - coming soon!

RusGas - we look forward to the incredible success in 2019!

Congratulations to all participants of the project !
We are updating the RGS Blockchain.
The new team found a number of serious vulnerabilities of the contract and decided to make an update. This will make RGS safer, faster, and open up new opportunities for crediting Loyalty Bonuses.
In order to increase the speed of the transaction, reduce the cost , the new team decided to carry out the Denomination of the asset at the time of updating the network.


Follow the news on the website and official sources:

The RGS swap will take place on 25 December 2018.

  • The exchange of tokens occurs in the proportion of 2000:1.
  • The maximum emission is 1 billion.
  • Name of the new token - RusGas Technology (RGST)
  • The change in the name of the coin is due to the implementation of new technical ideas by the project team.
  • Cryptoexchange of tokens will be made through the official website
  • The swap will only last 5 days and will end on December 30, 23: 59 UTC .
  • RGS trades will not be stopped until the end of the swap. RGS trading will be stopped on December 30 at 23:59 UTC .
  • For the implementation of the swap you will need to convert your RGS to the MyEtherWallet.
  • From this wallet you should transfer RGS to the wallet, which will be used for the swap on the official website of the project.
  • Within 12 hours you will get a new token at the rate of 2000 RGS for one new token.
  • Please be noted that the token will be transferred to the ETH wallet number from which RGS will come.


RGS swap terms

The RGS swap will take place on 25 December 2018. The exchange of tokens occurs…


Today until 22:00 UTC RusGas team will announce all the information about the swap, the conditions and exchange platform.

About Swap and Medium

The RGS team is negotiating with the cryptoexchanges about swap. We are ready technically , so we’re expecting answers from Exchanges

The medium account was removed due to Infringement of rules of the publication