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RusGas - we look forward to the incredible success in 2019!

Congratulations to all participants of the project !
We are updating the RGS Blockchain.
The new team found a number of serious vulnerabilities of the contract and decided to make an update. This will make RGS safer, faster, and open up new opportunities for crediting Loyalty Bonuses.
In order to increase the speed of the transaction, reduce the cost , the new team decided to carry out the Denomination of the asset at the time of updating the network.


Follow the news on the website and official sources:

Dear traders and holders of RGST and RGSI!

  • RGSI team and authorized representatives of RGSI propose the following questions to be considered by the community:

    The selection of project head manager.

    We are waiting for information about the candidates, which is brief story of yourself with links to social media.
    Approval of the candidatures to the position of translator (You must be fluent in English, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish);
    Approval of the candidatures to the position of websites and social media (Telegram) specialist;
    Approval of the candidatures to the position of marketing specialist to promote tasks in accordance with the RoadMap of the project
    Approval of the candidatures to the position of technical specialist who will be responsible for further improving the existing software.

    You can send applications within 14 days to the email:

    After that, candidates will be announced through the official communication channels and open voting will be held with RGST tokens (one token - one vote)

    After the voting, which will last 48 hours, the tokens will be returned to the owners at the sender's address.
  • About RGSI token.

    RGS Infinity is a very volatile asset whose final value has not been determined. The issue of this token is endless and emission will continue to increase. The information on emission increases will updated in statistical resources.

    RGSI is a tool for distributing bonuses. That is token for cooperation with partners of the project.
    For example: Mark wants to order hardware from Tom, so he transferred RGST, but to pay the overhead of shipping and setting it up , he needs to buy RGSI for the calculations.
    In addition, RGSI is a tool for settlements with partners who provide services to the project. The increase in the issue will inevitably devalue the token, but tokens purchases will temporarily increase the exchange value of the asset. However, it is a very volatile asset.
    After a while, a system of permanent bonuses will be installed for RGST holders, where the bonus will be the RGSI token, which will be distributed to all holders automatically.

    We will provide an estimated schedule for increasing emission of RGSI soon.
    What about RGST tokens, the issue of this token will never be increased again.
    Choice of escrow for storage of keys contract.
    We propose the community to select escrow and provide data on candidates on

    The voting will be held publicly.
    Today we have applied for a listing RGST and RGSI on
    We are in the process of a listing of RGST and RGSI tokens to the one old and reliable exchange of average trading volumes. We paid the listing fees already.
  • We need to fulfill the following conditions:

    - In view of the fact that the RGS token was subjected to forced emission and was replaced by the RGST platform requires the transfer of escrow contract keys;
    - Listing on CMC;
    - Determination by cryptography expert on the absence in the code RGST hidden possibilities of theft of the asset and increase emissions without confirmation of a key contract;
    - Team had been implemented the requirement on maximum decentralized distribution. The new free distribution of RGST will take place a few days before the listing. A major exchange is not accepting listing of RGSI because of infinite emission of asset.
  • About the project.

    RUSGAS project started its trajectory in Russia, with the registration the department in Cyprus.
    So far, we have sent the data for registration of the RGST project in Switzerland and RGSI project in Singapore.
    In the future, these tokens will have different teams and different communication resources but will cooperate with each other within the overall ecosystem.

    9th of Jan, we sent and paid for the creation of a new website with a convenient personal account and online store. We are planning to sell not only our development but also the products which existing for many years in the market to ensure stable consumption of natural gas.
    In the future, the project should have technical specialists for connecting and configuring equipment in countries that have legally supported blockchain technology.
    The team made a number of strategic mistakes at an early stage of the project, which did not allow attracting investment and making the project useful, turning a token into an element of speculation.
    Unfortunately, more than 90% of the projects are closed. We are a group of enthusiasts who decided to resuscitate the project and did our best. The project is alive and has increased active members of the community. In fact, for the past month has been done more than in the entire life of the project.

    Now we have come to the stage where we need professionals to start managing the project and we continue to work under the guidance of competent managers.
    Every day we receive many proposals for cooperation from inventors, stores of gas heating boilers, etc.
    We take criticism of the community and do everything to improve the quality of the project.

    In our opinion, the idea of the project is very good because there is a big gap between society and gas monopolists that should be filled.
    For example: a housewife living in Brazil and she doesn’t have access to the main gas to cook food or heat water, so she is forced to order a gas tank over and over again. If she forget to order, her family will go without food and hot water. Our system will allow us to implement this task automatically. For this purpose, all is need it’s have a sufficient number of RGST and RGSI on the account.
    In doing so, the technical partners of the project will ensure the delivery and installation of equipment in the shortest term.

    We had ideas about resuscitation of other projects, but we chose RGS because that idea was the best for us. That idea is real and in demand worldwide, unlike unnecessary software, like many projects.
    If this project will be successful, we will continue our activities. This is our first experience and we do apologize if something happens incorrectly.
    Our vision is to create a whole ecosystem to restart unsuccessful projects, where the idea is in public demand and it is possible to earn some money together.

    Any project is a risk for all its participants and investors, and we call on again to be as cautious as possible, and firstly to consult with experts.
    Blockchain technology is unique. Cryptocurrency is a real revolution, which will be completed successfully only if the creators of the projects integrate their ideas into society and an electronic asset will be used for payments.

    We’re standing by for your questions, comments, suggestions on

    If you want to support our project, we are always open for any help and cooperation!


  • January 2019

    A) RGSI (Russian Gas Infinity) listing on the exchange.
    B) Distributing to all RGST holders RGSI coins (a super-volatile asset that will be used in relations with partners of the RGST ecosystem. RGSI will also be used to popularize the project among numerous members of the Blockchain community).
    C) Increase RGST emissions by 45% for the realization of the project objectives, including advertising support throughout the entire 2019 year. As well as service online store project.
    D) Handing over the keys of an escrow contract and meeting the technical requirements of a major exchange.
    F) Migration of the project to the jurisdiction of Switzerland and Singapore.

  • February 2019

    A) Production at a factory in China of devices allowing to determine the leakage of household gas in the room according to the technical specifications of the RGST team.
    B) Publish a report, photographs and descriptions of the technical characteristics of the equipment.
    C) Start of technology implementation in the real economy.
    D) Publication of equipment specification for gas transportation to remote locations.

  • March 2019

    A) Placing an order for the manufacture of prototypes of products that will produce gas in localities where the gas pipeline is not available.
    B) Listing on intermediate exchanges with a turnover of less than $ 10 million.
    C) Listing on the stock exchange with trade turnover above 50 million dollars.
    D) Opening an online store project.
    F) The end of the formation of the RGST team.

  • April 2019

    A) The choice of an experienced remote location from the central gas pipeline with a population of at least 5000 people. (The settlement will be located outside the Russian Federation, due to the lack of legal regulation of the circulation of cryptocurrency in the Russian Federation. The team considers Brazil and Argentina)
    B) Start building infrastructure, ensuring synchronization of cryptocurrency - fiat transactions in the ecosystem.
    C) Documentation of activities in accordance with the requirements of the state.

  • May 2019

    Updating and adjusting RoadMap


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