BlockChain platform for a technological breakthrough in the gas industry

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Softcap: $2 000 000

2207397 $


Hardcap: $60 000 000

  • Hardcap $60 000 000
  • Price: $0,03
  • Bonus token: +0%
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What is the RusGas project?

RusGas is a project aimed at funding and subsequent implementation of researches in natural gas production, processing, storage, and transportation.

It is a project designed to transform the gas industry, to bring technologies up to a new level, to improve the environmental situation in the production regions and to enable everyone to gain income from production of resources without borders and politics.


Why the gas industry?

It is a fundamental industry and its advancement is the key to welfare, progress and environmental situation on Earth.


    Realization of the gas potential as an energy carrier and resource for other industries.


    Making it possible to distribute the decision-making chain, automation of the processes based on smart contracts.


    The development of clean technologies from production processes to deep conversion and transportation methods.


    Creation of an ecosystem for searching and funding developments and of process facilities for the implementation of the developments.

World gas reserves

The list of countries by gas reserves:
  • Russia: 24,2%
  • Iran: 17%
  • Qatar: 12,3%
  • USA: 4,4%
  • Saudi Arabia: 4,4%
  • Turkmenia: 3,8%
  • ОАЕ: 3,1%
  • Venezuela: 2,9%
  • Other countries: 28%
The list of countries by gas production
  • USA: 21,2%
  • Russia: 16,6%
  • Iran: 5,1%
  • Qatar: 4,5%
  • Canada: 4,2%
  • China: 3,8%
  • European Union: 3,3%
  • Norway: 3,2%
  • Other countries: 37,9%
197 437 092 700 000 м3

Starting from Siberia we will change the world

The technological condition of the gas industry in Russia is relatively weak. Most of the process equipment is purchased abroad. The industry is monopolized and bureaucratic.

Here is the best place
to start:

Good financial potential. The current monopolization creates a great many financially profitable niches for medium-size players.


The market needs multiple small research teams that can take the industry out of the technological stagnation.


The industry needs clear and modern structure of interaction, which can be provided by blockchain technology.


Clean technologies are needed to save Siberia.


Gas technology development areas


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RusGas (RGS)

Total issue: 10,000,000,000 tokens

  • The funds will be distributed through a smart contract;
  • The project will be implemented regardless of the amount of raised funds;
  • The amount of raised funds will determine the degree of decentralization and independence of the project.
  • SoftCap: $ 2 000 000
  • HardCap: $ 60 000 000
  • Distribution of remaining tokens

    All unsold tokens will be distributed among all ICO investors in accordance with their investment amounts.

Token distribution:
  • 10% — will be included into the development fund (the stake will be unfrozen by 3% each time after first two periods of 3 and 9 months as specified by the Road Map).
  • 20% — will be the team’s share. The share will be unfrozen by 5% each time after 6 and 12 months and by 10% after 15 months under the supervision of Escrow. The team is motivated to at least 10-fold increase of the token market capitalization. Thus, the interests of the token holders and of the team coincide as far as the token price growth is concerned.
  • 5% — will be the share of bounty rewards.
  • 5%— is allocated for advisors and marketing teams.
  • 60% — will be given to token holders.
Funds (ETH) distribution:
  • 20% — will be allocated for developing an ecosystem for interaction of token holders, researchers and major gas concerns.
  • 6% — will be allocated to search for and assess promising research projects.
  • 44%— will be allocated for funding research and for building prototypes.
  • 10%— will be provided to marketing companies.
  • 10% — will be grants for training best students in chemistry and physics with subsequent employment in research teams.
  • 8% — will be spent for reclamation of natural environment and animal care.
  • 2% — will be provided to support indigenous peoples of Siberia.

Basic sale stages

  • Pre-Sale (03.04-16.04)
  • $ 0,018
  • + 200%
  • Week 1 (17.04-23.04)
  • $ 0,019
  • + 138%
  • Week 2 (24.04-30.04)
  • $ 0,02
  • + 100%
  • Week 3 (01.05-07.05)
  • $ 0,021
  • + 75%
  • Week 4 (08.05-14.05)
  • $ 0,023
  • + 44%
  • Week 5 (15.05-21.05)
  • $0,024
  • + 33%
  • Week 6 (22.05-28.05)
  • $0,025
  • + 25%
  • Week 7 (29.05 - 04.06)
  • $0,0275
  • +10%
  • Week 8 (05.06 - 11.06)
  • $0,03
  • +0%
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  • Q2–Q3, 2017

    - Conception
    - Initial talks with gas companies and study of issues
    - Talks with the scientific community and studies of ideas, patents, and investment problems

  • Q4, 2017

    - Talks with investors about the initial stage for investing in the RUSGAS startup
    - Beginning of project preparation for ICO

  • Q1, 2018

    - Initial marketing
    - Design of the RusGas token
    - Launching the project

  • Q2, 2018

    - ICO
    - Listing at decentralized stock markets
    - Starting the main marketing campaign
    - Start hiring and selecting the staff and experts required for the project tasks

  • Q3, 2018

    - Distribution of the RUSGAS cryptocurrency to all Token Holders as the first stage of the interaction of all entities in the gas industry
    - Listing at major stock markets
    - Financing designers of innovative gas production and processing technologies
    - The creation and publication of an updated RoadMap, the updates depending on the amount of raised funds

  • Q4, 2018

    - Drawing up a business plan and setting up the structure of the system
    - Creation of a legal entity for full-fledged business

  • 2019

    - Developing software to connect the oil and gas industry and Blockchain technologies
    - Purchasing patents for development and implementation in the oil and gas industry
    - Signing primary agreements with gas producers for upgrading their technologies
    - Signing primary agreements for investing in the gas production, processing, and transportation based on Blockchain technologies in the Russian Federation, for the first monetization phase of the project

  • 2020

    - First dividend payout
    - Signing and implementing main agreements with gas producers for the introduction of the latest technologies for gas production and processing based on patents and developments implemented within the RUSGAS ecosystem as the second monetization phase of the project

  • 2021

    - Second dividend payout
    - Setting up a decentralized exchange market for trading in gas and processed products using exclusively the RUSGAS cryptocurrency as the third monetization phase of the project
    - Establishment of a supervisory board made up of RUSGAS token holders to be granted audit-control functions to complete the decentralization of the system

  • 2022

    - Third dividend payout
    - Establishment of a board of trustees made up of RUSGAS token holders
    - Developing and getting approval of the updated RoadMap by votes of the community with RUSGAS tokens and making deciding on the amount and ways of dividend payments
    - Approvals of ways for increasing the decentralization of the platform


RusGas: to the moon!

Dear community, we will start with the news regarding placement and access …

RusGas: to the moon!

Dear community, we will start with the news regarding placement and access …

RusGas is moving forvard!

Hello! Soon we will give you a great news! For a long time…

V.B. Kadushev has a broad work experience in various industries, including oil and gas industry in Russia and other countries. Prior to joining OOO Kada-NefteGaz in 2007, he held the position of Vice-President of OAO Tambeineftegaz, prior worked as the Director of OOO Uzhpolimetall. Served as a Management Board member at the Russian National Bank. Worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR. He was responsible for financing of large investment projects, including those related to development of the gas transportation infrastructure and construction of a power plant in Morocco.

Vladimir Boskhaevich Kadushev

General Director of OOO Kada-NefteGaz

M.E. Starobinets has been employed by OOO Kada-NefteGaz since 2007. He has over 50 years of work experience at large exploration, geophysical surveying and mining companies where he was involved in complex interpretation of geophysical data and recommendations on the location of exploration and producing wells. M.E. Starobinets has been working as chief geologist in the Central Geophysical Expedition in Moscow. Worked as the chief geophysicist at OAO Hantymansiyskneftegazgeologiya. The new data obtained as a result of exploration helped to increase production from 60 to 700 thousand tons of oil per year.

Mikhail Evgenyevich Starobinets

Chief Geophysicist at OOO Kada-NefteGaz

Magistral Group (wholesale and retail trade of light oil products), Neftmagistral Trading House. Author of articles and trainer in the field of motivation and development of personnel.

Nadezhda Robertovna Kravchenko

HR Director of large Russian companies

Communication Agency "3.14R", Moscow

Andey Podderegin

The project manager in the field of public communications

RosNOU (Russian New University) and MITRO (Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting Ostankino)

Mao Xin


Ms. Olga Strietska-Ilina is a Senior Skills and Employability Specialist in the Employment Policy Department of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). She leads the Work Area Skills Strategies for Future Labour Markets. Olga worked for the European Union’s Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) as an expert on forecasting skill needs. She was Head of Czech National Observatory of Employment and Training in Prague.

Ms. Olga Strietska-Ilina

Senior Skills Adviser

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